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Rhythm Distrkt release his debut EP on Under No Illusion Recordings


Rhythm Distrkt’s debut EP release falls on the highly sought out Under No Illusion Recordings, marking release number 151. ‘Grind It Out’ features two original tech house rollers alongside a stellar remix from Waze & Odyssey’s Serg Santiago.

Kicking off proceedings is the original title track, a percussion-heavy tech cut driven by deep thudding bass lines and rattling hi-hats. Warped and eerie vocal samples come and go, only adding to the ferocity of this peak time slammer. Serg’s take points towards more tribal influences throughout the drums, offering up groove inducing rhythms and a flurry of old school vibes from the synth stabs that land before the main climax.

‘Footwork’ closes the show with yet more warehouse worthy growling drones and pumping kicks, a repetitive chord stab taking centre stage throughout the production.

Check out Serg’s remix below and grab the whole EP on Beatport.