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Recon lands on Identity Records with ‘Isuru’


Straight out of Hereford in the UK, Identity Records is a label founded in 2020 and run by Adam Henton. Having solidified his rep for his signature production style as Dis:Turbed, his next step is founding a label. This is an imprint that will serve as an anchor point for future dark Drum & Bass, concentrating on cultivating a diverse lineup of dark and minimal producers.

With a laser focus on bringing the best in well produced stripped-back subs, tight rolling drums, and haunting percussion, Identity Records is a label clearly set to push the genre into unknown territory. They’re already equipped with a solid foundation and a stacked lineup of releases until December, keep your eyes and ear open! Right now, they’re ready for another heady batch of songs, filled to the brim with all the deep basslines and stripped back drums the label excels at.

The ‘Conflict Of Peace’ EP explores themes surrounding the difficulty and chaos that often surrounds the idea of tranquillity. Whether it’s individuals misunderstanding the term, the hardships in maintaining peace, or those who seek to disrupt harmony when they see it.

Starting the journey out is our premiere Recon ‘Irusu’. It starts with a foreboding atmosphere paired with a haunting synth motif, and erupts into the first drop with the power of a jackhammer. The grimy and low-end focused foghorn seals the final nail in the coffin, solidifying the heavy vibe of the track perfectly. Taking the track in a new direction at the end of the break is a minimalistic/half time section, and it sets up the second drop for the fierce finale that is a true soundsystem smasher.

Also featuring on the EP are Headroom with his track ‘Primordial’, which is a track that reminds how addictive simplicity is. Dubruvvas give us their ‘Plastic Switch’ which will rival the best dancefloor heaters out there. Lastly, PhoroptiC give us ‘Get Money’. Once heard, it refuses to leave your head nor do you ever want it to.

Check out our premiere of Recon ‘Irusu’ below. The ‘Conflict Of Peace’ EP drops on Identity Records on 28th September grab it from here


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