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Raybee drops his ‘Relapse’ EP on Lost Recordings


We descend into another month void of the old scene we all pine for. However, things are slowly starting to shift back into a state of normality as socially distanced events are now a reality, maybe short-lived, who knows?! Lost Recordings tell us they “intend to continue releasing new music from the underground”.

Raybee cover
Raybee ‘Relapse’ EP cover

Hailing from Brighton but currently residing up in Manchester, Raybee is studying a music degree and running his own imprint Royal Audio. Raybee has a unique style and a flawless taste for the types of shellers you’d expect in fabric till the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning. Most of us can relate to that, can’t we?!

This 4 tracker EP entitled ‘Relapse’ is full of nostalgic minimalism that takes you on a journey through dirty face pulling and drink spilling moments. These tracks are ready to cause damage in any sets and are guaranteed to see a leg shaken or broken (hopefully the former!).

Opening up the EP is our premiere ‘Relapse’. Along with ‘Forrest Gump’ and ‘Reflux’ these are the 3 tracks that sparked the interest for Lost Recordings in releasing with Raybee. Donning ultra-sharp, tight drum work and a funky low end. With ‘Coconut Dreams’ we also get a chance to see Raybee’s versatility taking inspirations from Lofi Hip Hop, Liquid and Jazz.

We hope you like Raybee as much as we do here at DT and they do at Lost Recordings. We hope to hear a lot more from this budding producer from the South coast soon!

Check out our premiere of ‘Relapse’ below. The EP drops on Lost Recordings on 22nd September so make sure you grab it from here


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