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Premiere: Zuckermann – So Not Sorry


Following on from their last outing whereby Chinese artist MIIIA took the reigns alongside some stunning remixes from Vincent Vidal and Douglas Greed, DAMN! Records once again come correct courtesy of a sumptuous slice of dancefloor leaning techno. This time about, the imprint looks closer to home, enlisting the services of label owner Zuckermann, who delivers with aplomb on the vibe heavy sounds of the ‘So So Sorry’ EP.

Although the title our debut transmission ‘So Not Sorry’ might hint at a melancholy track, the actual result is anything but. Firm and uncompromising, it moves at a frantic pace, all the while building steam and chugging along with serious momentum. A surefire dancefloor battle weapon that’s sure to prompt pandemonium wherever it’s unleashed, this one is practically tailor made for gargantuan spaces à la Berghain. A truly devastating piece of music, it’s best you handle this one with care…

Check it out below…