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Debut Transmission News

Premiere: Zombies In Miami – Cabalah


Cacao celebrates one busy year of releases with the first edition of “There’s always Cacao in Exotic Places“. The compilation features a various string of releases signed by a handful of the artists that have brought their mark to the label so far.

The opening track “On Da Point“ by Gonzo-Gonzo spells melodic from the get go. With low sung garage-like vocals and a melancholic, torrid summer ambiance, it mesmerizes and has a surprisingly tender effect. House master Rick Wade proves his dexterity in crafting smooth house grooves on “Latina“, a highly sensuous track with clear South American influences. Moon Harbour and Get Physical alums Luna City Express lay down a penchant and deep arrangement in “Classic Dance“, uncovering their trademark subdued-yet-powerful aesthetic.

Cacao label bosses K.E.E.N.E. join tech house chief Robosonic into a distant journey on “Waters“, another deep exploration with liquid elements. Stripped of vocals, the instrumentation comprising of chords, a heavy hitting bassline and sinuous melody spells pure enjoyment. Dub Tech producer Tigerskin’s offering, entitled “January, June, July“ not only brings together the only months in a year beginning with a J, but some deep and dubby atmospheres into the mix. The track stands on the solemn sides, bringing together cavernous spaces with eerie sounds and grave synths.

Our debut transmission is from Zombies In Miami, who offer a pounding techno finish to the EP with “Cabalah“. Centered around a dubby bassline and tribal percussions, it’s a playful set up that evokes tribal atmospherics.


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