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Debut Transmission News

Premiere: Wanvel – Nuits Sonores


Lany Recordings is a Belgian label that’s dedicated to House music and prides itself on championing local producers based in and around the Belgian city of Ghent.  Run by Maxim Lany, the label has an impressive roster of artists including the likes of Stavroz, Larse, San Soda, Raw District plus Sierra Sam, and this new release is from Wanvel.

Wanvel is a young artist based in Ghent who from playing the piano at an early age discovered he had a unique sense of rhythm and melody. After learning about House music, Wanvel became intrigued with electronic beats and bought equipment to start experimenting with production.

Our debut transmission is Wanvel’s first official solo release with orchestral pads and laid back grooves driven by the raw funk of the bassline. Deep and atmospheric with some sampled jazz flute this two track EP has a chic and understated sound that’s perfect for late nights and early morning DJ sets.


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