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Premiere: Hymns – Giant 90s Rephlex Analord Based Love Affair

Data Transmission May 19, 2017

Melbourne based Momentary Records returns for their second release, delivering 4 heavyweight club tracks with a simmering energy ready to take the night in new directions.

The brainchild of synth nerds Juxtpose and JDK, analog jam project JDJX opens things up with Disco Machine. He’s joined by Label founder Ben Houghton returns on a similar tip, his track Night Channels and Melbourne legend Rambl, who lets the subs do the talking.

Finally, fellow Melbourne based rising star Hymns is the feature of our debut transmission today as he returns home from a first-foray into the euro club scene. With maturity and finesse, his aptly named ‘Giant 90s Rephlex Analord Based Love Affair’  which pays homage to early inspirations as he crafts a deadly and precise mix of electro-infused techno.

Check it out below…