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Phantom Warrior drops new single on Zombie Recordings


Zombie Recordings is Grid Recording’s sister label and was set up for the over spill due to the high amount of material Grid is sent. Twisted Individual started Zombie back in 2004 which had releases from the likes of Mutated Forms, Serum, Prestige, Vital Elements, Majistrate, Heist, Cabbie & more. More recently they’ve had releases from Damage Report, Nick The Lot, Vital Elements and very successful Various Artist projects involving the likes of Filthy Habits & Jeopardize, Imaginary Friends, Shadre & Salvage, Yatuza, Twisted himself, Alex SLK, KY, Coda & Coy, Handsprime, Warhead & Magenta, Sikka & Mugshot and Dirty.

Next up on Zombie Recordings is German DJ and Producer Phantom Warrior with a two track single entitled ‘Needin You/Don’t Leave Me’ which is set for release on 17th April.

Phantom Warrior has been on the Drum & Bass scene since 1995 and has taken influence from all kinds of music from Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Public Enemy, N.W.A., Curtis Mayfield, Coldcut, Herbie Hancock and also all the big Jungle and Drum & Bass tunes from the 90s labels like Moving Shadow, V Recordings, RAM, No Smoking, Juice, Suburban Base, Formation, Good Looking, Back 2 Basics and so on. He is without doubt one of Berlin´s finest DJs and is known for his filthy sexy Drum & Bass Selection with a variety of styles from Jump up, Jungle, Minimal to Liquid and back. He has played events across Europe and throughout Germany. His wealth of DJ experience led to performances on big radio stations in England, Austria and Germany. Amongst time spent cutting dubs and promoting his own events and running a label, he also spent a number of years teaching DJing skills to kids. He has played at big raves and underground events alike since starting out at school and birthday parties, and maintains the drive and passion for Drum & Bass that he’s had since day one.

Equipped with an intense love for making music, he is also on the way into the circle of well-established producers, not only he was nominated already a few years back for Best Single ‘Heavy like Tank VIP’ at the Jungle Awards 2017 and at the North America Awards for Best Video for ‘Heavy Like Tank’. He’s had various releases on big labels like Liondub International, Phantom Dub Digital, Good 4 Nothing and many more. After a forced studio break (his PC broke), building his first little studio and finding his new sound and studying Marketing for the last 2 years- Phantom is back in the business with lots of fresh music coming on labels like Zombie Recordings, Revolver Audio and new releases on his own imprint Katana Audio.

The A-side and our premiere for today, ‘Needin You’ sets the tone with its deep bass and rolling beats while ‘Don’t Leave Me’, has a sweet vocal sample which is complimented by a wobbly bassline.

Check out Phantom Warrior ‘Needin You’ below and please show your support for the artist and label in these challenging times by grabbing a copy of the single from here