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Nick The Lot drops ‘Extra Clips’ EP on Prototype


Prototype Recordings proudly present this long-awaited monster of an EP by Brighton local, Nick The Lot. A collection of four impressive tracks that caught the ear of Grooverider, the Godfather of Drum & Bass.

Nick The Lot has really gone in with the production of the title track and our premiere today ‘Extra Clips’. This beast has been doing the rounds for quite some time and was causing absolute chaos in the clubs long before we all went into lockdown. Since then, this grimey masterpiece from has been played several times on Fabio & Grooverider’s Rinse FM shows and has caught the attention of the Jungle OG Ray Keith who has recently selected it for play on his formidable Dreadcast shows.

Following on from ‘Extra Clips’ we need to rewind and take quite a big step back in time. Back to a time when humanity was a race of hunters and gatherers living in dwellings made of grass and mud. Do this and you might start to understand the absolute savageness of Nick’s ‘2000 Years Ago’.

Full of evil tweaking and downright nastiness, ‘The Villain’ is up next and is completely without remorse. It causes destruction and devastation wherever it’s played, driving listeners insane with its dark and heavy twisted beats.

Closing the EP is ‘Got To Move’ which shows off Nick’s forever growing versatility as an A* producer. It’s got a bit of everything you need to get the crowd jumping and gun fingers pointing.

Do not sleep on this! Nick The Lot has been making huge moves lately with a release schedule that surpasses many other producers. It’s literally only been 2 weeks since his last release ‘Extend The Range’ dropped on Twisted Individuals‘ imprint Grid Recordings.

Check out our premiere of ‘Extra Clips’ below. It’s out on Prototype Recordings on 4th September so make sure you grab a copy from here


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