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Nick Olivetti & Magnvm! combine on ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ via NØID


The Italian Label NØID is back at it again, this time with Nick Olivetti and MAGNVM! who joined their forces for a fresh and bouncy track called “Don’t Be Afraid” just in time for the spring season.

These two dudes need no introductions, Nick is a Dirtybird veteran and has a lot of great releases under his belt and we also already premiered Magnvm!’s works in the past with artists such as Filthy French and Bump Ugly. They both had a noteworthy music journey and now their paths are crossing causing rock solid grooves and heavy basslines all over the place with quirky sounds and trippy drops that will make the crowd go boom.

Our premiere, ‘Don’t be afraid’ is the title track for a solid two tracks EP which will be available an all platforms from May 24th!

Check it out below and grab a copy here!


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