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Newcomers Kawaii debut on Metro Recordings

Kawaii artwork

Kawaii is the musical brainchild of Ashleigh and Saul Castagnello, a married couple based in Manhattan in the heart of New York City, who infuse love into everything they create. It’s no surprise that their debut original production, ‘Searching’, a stunningly beautiful vocal drum & bass track with massive dance floor vibes, caught the attention of genre don Matrix, who made Metro Recordings it’s official home.

With over 15 years immersed in electronic dance music, it was the precise moment in 2008 when Kawaii first heard ‘Gold Rush’ by Danny Byrd & Brookes Brothers that transformed their musical path forever, with drum & bass music becoming the soundtrack to their lives. The early Hospital Records sound led to them being directly inspired by artists such as Danny Byrd, Brookes Brothers, Logistics, High Contrast, Netsky and especially Matrix & Futurebound. Now Kawaii unveil their own unique formulation of epic, melodically charged drum & bass music.

With ‘Searching’ as its opening chapter, 2020 is the year that the story of Kawaii begins to unfold.

Today we premiere Kawaii’s ‘Searching’, which is absolutely glorious. With beautiful vocals and a summer vibe, this is perfect for the dancefloor.

Check it out below. It’s released on Metro Recordings on 29th May, make sure you grab it from here