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M-Zine prepares to drop his ‘Equate’ EP


Utopia has played host to a variety of artists who act as pillars for the wider drum & bass community, especially with its roots in the Bristolian scene. They’re about to solidify this fact through their forthcoming EP from M-Zine, a name which has become more dominant in spaces over recent years following his releases on Dispatch Recordings, 31 Records, Lifestyle, Critical Music and Cyberfunk. The Brussels based producer has his take on the Utopia sound, adding to an already weighty back catalogue. With support from artists such as Noisia, Skeptical, Ulterior Motive, Kasra, Ant TC1 and DLR, it was only natural that M-Zine would come under the gaze of Utopia’s head honcho, Mako.

The ‘Equate’ EP features a selection of tracks which give you an insight into why M-Zine’s music is so highly sought after. Expertly produced and featuring the tech-driven funk which has made labels like Utopia stand out against the more commercial strains of drum & bass.

Beginning with ‘Croon’ alongside Afya, you’re taken into the rumbling world of M-Zine, aided by Afya’s ghost-like vocals. ‘Brinkman’ continues the same brooding patterns, with skipping drum work and grinding LFOs. Title-track ‘Equate’ wobbles down to its hollowed drum sequences and distorted bass notes. Then you’re taken into our premiere ‘Generis’, which has the same quaking bassline standing as a marker for M-Zine’s production.

M-Zine’s ‘Equate’ EP is out on 23rd August on Utopia Music. Check out ‘Generis’ below!


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