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missledz drops her ‘Infinite’ EP on Noxious Records


missledz has had a busy lockdown period which has seen her production skills put to the test with Rebel Music‘s Dub Wars competition, live streams and live A&R feedback along with joining Bristol’s Rotations crew as a core resident to name just a few things. Now, the rising star makes her debut on Noxious Records with her 2 track ‘Infinite’ EP.

Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, missledz moved to England in 2017 in an effort to make her mark on the solid drum&bass culture in the UK. In recent years, she has thrown herself into pursuing music production professionally and has now had releases on Noxious Records, Lifestyle Music, Boey Audio, Strictly Deep DNB, Bare Necessity Records and with Concrete Jungyals. A number of her releases have had airplay on René LaVice’s BBC Radio 1 show. Her releases have also had support from artists such as Fre4knc, Quadrant & Iris, Revaux, Dilemma, Toronto is Broken and Sam Harris.

With a DJ career spanning over 13 years, missledz’ sets are eclectic, energetic and technical, addressing a wide spectrum of techstep, minimal, tech rollers and neurofunk. She has supported artists such as Break, Calyx & Teebee, Ant TC1, Zero T, Koven, Marky, Current Value, IMANU/Signal, Philth, Ulterior Motive, Ill Truth and more. Her inspiration comes from a background in heavy metal and punk, which has undoubtedly had influence in her opting for the deeper, darker and experimental side of drum and bass.

missledz’ guest mixes have appeared on BPM Artist Agency, Rollout Records (Strictly Rollers), BBC Radio 1, DNB France, Reprezent Radio, Synkronized, Beyond Bass, originuk.net, The Brum & Bass Show, Studio 808, Critical Bass Recordings, Dose Radio, Synergy Radio, Auzcast, Breakneck Audio and of course ourselves (check it out here).

missledz is also a former co-host of The Ones & Twos on Fresh92.7 and The Usual Suspects on Soundpond.net, both held in her hometown, Adelaide.

Today we premiere the title track of her new EP ‘Infinite’ which is a dark, minimal stepper consisting of a range of sounds and atmospherics. missledz productions have taken on a life of their own recently with her tracks getting stronger and stronger will each release! We’re not taking our eyes of missledz!!

Check out ‘Infinite’ below. The EP drops on Noxious Records as a Beatport exclusive on 2nd July, grab it from here


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