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MI-KH drops ‘Dreamscape’ on Live History Records


Mikhail Khaliulin aka MI-KH is newly signed to the Live History Records imprint with ‘Dreamscape’ being his debut release on the label. Mikhail is already quite well known in small circles of sample-spotters. For the past 7 years he’s been one of the most active members of the biggest community of sample-searchers WhoSampled.com. Five years later he joined the website as a moderator.

Mikhail’s creative approach is caused by his conscious sound selection for his tracks, advanced sampling and also making his “analogue” sound which is usual for old skool tracks. As for his musical preferences, he mainly loves old skool tracks. He quotes his musical vision as “the searching of new music in the past”. Mikhail has also created his own music blog where he shares his knowledge and finds in thematic articles dedicated to electronic music samples. Also, being a great Kevin Sanderson Reese-bass fan, Mikhail leads his own open catalogue of the tracks with it. Mikhail also hosts his own radio show called ‘Dreamscape’ on the London online-radio DIRTYBASS.FM.

The producer considers himself as a true old skool admirer and tells us that his past life ended when he got overdosed on Ecstasy during a rave.

Today we premiere the original mix of ‘Dreamscape’ which is a solid rave-track with a 175 bpm tempo, it is literally saturated with the warehouse parties of old spirit. While making it MI-KH got inspired by different cassette mixtapes from legendary British raves of the 90s like Dreamscape, Desire, Helter Skelter, Roast, One Nation, Dance Planet, etc. The main theme consists of rave era iconic riffs washed over with a soulful bass line with Reese-bass elements and spiced with a sensual vocal that was cut “in the old style” from old skool acapellas!

On the flip side is Command Strange‘s Remix which is a “deep-like reconsideration of ‘Dreamscape’. Command Strange (real name is Alexey Fuifanov) is one of the most famous artists of legendary Bryan Gee and Jumping Jack Frost‘s V Recordings. Alexey qualitatively remixed the track so as to make its sound be more like in Mainstream D&B style. The main theme is filled with a deep bass-line and a straight drums part in an easily recognizable Command Strange style. Alexey has already proved himself on the D&B world stage as one of the most forward-thinking and successful Russian artists: numerous vinyl releases on the top labels of the genre V, Metalheadz Platinum, Integral etc a tight tour schedule all over the world, collaboration and co-releases with D&B’s greatest stars and he also constantly has his tracks played on the sets and podcasts of the leading DJs of the planet.

MI-KH ‘Dreamscape’ drops on 6th March on Live History Records. Check it out below and grab it from here


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