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Medusa drops ‘Badmon’ EP on Engage Audio


If you’ve been paying attention you may be familiar the name Medusa, perhaps from his appearances on radio stations like LifeFM and Origin FM, or from tracks like his bassface-inducing bootie of Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Jezebel’ with Half Cab. His production skills range from liquid to upfront rollers to minimal techy goodness. Now in these times of worry and uncertainty, he debuts on Engage Audio and one thing we’re absolutely certain of is…you’re gonna love the vibes on this EP.

The title track and our premiere ‘Badmon’ teases a softly pulsating bassline in the intro, leaving little for the imagination when the drop quickly rears its head. Funk is at the very foundation of this tune, with a swinging bassline that propels you through the tune with the help of rattling hi-hats and percussive fills.

Dreamy, melancholic pads help form the opening of ‘Lunar’, and for a moment it feels like we might be blessed with a smooth liquid track. A shadowy female vocal whispers “I’ll keep you safe”, however, you’re not safe from the surprise drop that follows. A murky pulsating bassline sits underneath what can only be described as an unearthly wobbling synth and propels the track into what is a simultaneously subtle and destructive little roller.

‘Sound Culture’ wraps up the EP and is possibly the heftiest of the bunch and shines a light on the production quality and attention to detail that Medusa has quickly established. The drums introduced at the beginning begin to deteriorate as we near the drop, and then a squelchy bassline momentarily takes all the limelight and hurls you into a minimal voyage full of techy precision and natural progression.

Check out Medusa ‘Badmon’ below. The EP drops on Engage Audio tomorrow (27th March) and is a must for anyone whole loves minimal, techy rollers. Support both artist and label by buying yourself a copy of this EP from here


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