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Matt Kerley releases ‘Society’ on Somn’thing Supertech


The Somn’thing Supertech imprint drops their second release, titled ‘Society’ by Devon-based producer Matt Kerley.

Matt was raised on the outskirts of London in Middlesex. From the age of 14 he has always had a love for music. He loved the sounds of house music and the movement that goes with it. He started pioneering and promoting the now the infamous ‘Devon Sessions events’.

Matt’s rise in popularity kicked off in 1999 when he ran his own record business called Tecside Records. He was selling fresh out tunes mostly on white labels. He would use these to his advantage playing his fortnightly spot at The Arch, Brighton, the occasional set at the Velvet Rooms London and Legend Nights in North Devon.

Our premiere ‘Society’ is a lush deep melodic house gem. It opens with familiar strings and a spoken word vocal that sets the track up. That’s joined by a solid bassline and rich piano as they guide you on a memorable journey into blissed-out deep house.

Check it out below and grab a copy here.