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Magnetude drop another beast in the form of ‘Falling’


Late last year Evolution Chamber awakened with the hard, swaying stomper that was Magnetude’s ‘Mantis’. After taking some time out, Evolution Chamber has been reignited with the collective of Magnetude, Task Horizon and Receptor at its helm. Starting the label again as if from scratch, there’s a rough, fierce energy to the music and there’s no sign of that slowing with the label’s third release ‘Falling’, which we have the privilege of premiering for you today!

Starting with a strong sense of malice, shadowy atmospherics are punctuated with glitchy touches and hints of melody, the track begins to tease us with a sweet vocal which has been washed with robotics before completely lifting us into light with emotive piano chords. Once you’ve been lured into a false sense of security the track hits with huge, hammering thuds and rinseout risers. The hard, pounding beats continue to build, gaining speed, intensity and a whole heap of anticipation before the first mammoth drop reveals the track’s main hook and it’s killer back-and-forth synths. Upon listening to this you can’t help but get a massive grin all over your face!!

We’ve been heavy supporters of Magnetude for a while now, last year they did a Renegade Riddims mix for us which has had more love than any other Drum & Bass mix we’ve shared to date! If you haven’t heard it yet then check it out here

Check out ‘Falling’ below it drops on 14th February (happy fucking Valentine’s Day!) via Evolution Chamber. Make sure you grab yourself a copy from here


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