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LORAN remixes Ray Okpara’s ‘Jazzy Sticks’


Our House welcomes the legend of Ray Okpara, who makes his debut on the label with “Jazzy Sticks”. The release consists of two originals by the Mannheim veteran and a superb remix by LORAN.

LORAN is a 27-year-old Dj and producer. He is native from the south of France, he has also lived in Tunisia and Paris. Before finally moving to London where he is currently based. LORAN has forged his musical identity by travelling and experimenting.

For today’s premiere, we have LORAN‘s remix. He’s back on the label after his “Story” EP last year. On his version of “Jazzy Stick”, a raw 909 groove slowly prepares us for the arrival of an overpowering bassline, which is immediately followed by a dirty lead synth. As the track evolves, delayed vocal chops are joined by spacious synths, letting the dancefloor breath for a moment until the groove kicks in again.


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