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Lockerz debuts on Monk Audio


As summer slowly comes in to warm up UK weather with its usual week of sunshine we look forward to the next Monk Audio release. This time it’s the turn of Guildford based Drum & Bass DJ and Producer Lockerz. Some of Monk Audio’s keener eyed followers may recall there being releases from two Guildford boys on Monk this year already but man, this town is not slowing down with the wickedness.

Originally from Pembrokeshire, Wales, Joe Lockwood (aka Lockerz) made the move to Guildford to study at the prestigious Academy of Contemporary Music where he’s been learning music production and honing his skills. Lockerz has a history in music, being trained in piano and guitar from a young age before picking up music production whilst at college and discovering the dark underworld of drum and bass.

Lockerz’s debut EP brings a solid range of big rollers which will bring out the gunfingers from anyone. This one is definitely one for fans of artists like Kings Of The Rollers, Bou, or T>I. The title track and our premiere today ‘The Funk’ definitely does what it says on the tin and brings massive amounts of funk with glorious steppy drums, tropical percussion and a big bassline to roll through the crowd. The lead single ‘Daydreaming’ follows suit with a dark and atmospheric introduction before rolling out its elephant trunk and laying it on the table for all to see. The full EP offers a wide range of rolling drums and powerful bass to take any set from 0 to 100 in style.

Check out ‘The Funk’ below. The EP drops on Monk Audio on 6th July. Make sure you grab it from here