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Lewis James drops ‘The Death Of Habit’ EP


In the last few years, Lewis James has gone from being an artist on the rise to establishing himself as one of the most exciting act to emerge from electronic music. His debut EP on Exit Records ‘The Death Of Habit’ backs this statement up without question. The features on the EP speak for themselves: Lorn, dBridge and Alia Fresco. Aesthetically Lewis James has put together an EP that traverses different shades of electronica whilst not losing a sense of identity, an identity that is truly Lewis James by way of Exit Records.

Lewis James artwork

Exit Records is at the forefront of electronic music, constantly pushing the envelope in terms of aesthetic and execution. Label owner dBridge strikes a careful balance between releasing music that serves a purpose for dancers and thinkers alike.

The roster of artists involved in the label is allowed to express themselves as they see fit with only one stipulation; pushing the genre forward.

The Exit Records club nights are typically riotous affairs- they stand as a mix of the most cutting-edge music crossed with a firm eye on the dancefloor, from stages at festivals to residencies at clubs across the world, the events are known to sell out.

Now in its 16th year of existence, a confidence in sound and direction has come to the forefront and this is what solidifies Exit Records as a go-to label for those inside and out of the genre.

Today we premiere ‘Acidize’ on which Lewis James collaborates with head honcho dBridge himself. It begins with a woman’s account of a guy taking acid before the music starts to speak for itself. Acid bleeps build momentum before the synths kick in. This is definitely a track you could get lost in at 4am in a dark sweaty club!

Check out Lewis James ft. dBridge ‘Acidize’ below. ‘The Death Of Habit’ EP drops on 15th November. You can grab a copy here and if you pre-order today you will automatically get ‘Acidize’ right now!


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