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Lauren Lane & Down2 – Edge Of Sideways Feat. Jaw



LA-based DJ and producer Lauren Lane presents her latest EP ‘Edge Of Sideways’ released later this month via 20/20 Vision. 

‘Edge of Sideways’ consists of 4 tracks, opening with title track and todays Debut Transmission ‘Edge of Sideways’, a collaboration with Down2 featuring soft, soulful vocals from dOP’s revered vocalist JAW in Lauren’s signature looping, echoing style. Up next is Forget To Remember, a deep, moody number with a rippling bassline layered with elongated synths and snappy percussive beats.

Then we have Necessary Evil follows with its haunting, echoing vocals from Cary repeating the title over a dark 4/4 beat. Last up is a remix of Edge of Sideways from Israeli DJ and producer Chaim who brings a percussive, exotic element to the track.


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