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Larry Cadge and Andrea Giudice combine on ‘Fantasy’


After their massive anthem “Baby”, released on Toolroom, Larry Cadge and Andrea Giudice are back together with another slammer called “Fantasy”.

If you’ve ever partied in London, you’ve already met Andrea, been to his parties and definitely got down to his music. A skilled DJ and talented producer, Andrea’s focus is pure and simple: building true party vibes with plenty surprises along the way. Resident at east London’s legendary Sunday soirée, ‘Our House’, this has formed the name of his label, which ‘Fantasy’ features.

Hailing from London, Larry Cadge began his career as a DJ in 1989 and expeditiously evolved into a multi-faceted rhythmic architect taking influence from his musically entrenched family which includes his mother, the pianist. His techy edge, addictive ballads, and immensely funk induced cadence are designed for the dance floor. Larry’s old-skool disco-house feel can be attributed to authoritative figures in the world of music who he looks to for guidance such as Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Manuel Göttsching in addition to his mother and musically gifted family.

‘Fantasy’ is carried on by lively drums, delicious tribal percussions and funky-electric leads. The stout bassline perfectly holds up the entire piece, with the catchy female vocal line spreading pure summer-breeze vibes and making of this one another dancefloor burner for the incoming parties. The dub mix gets rid of the vocal, leaving room for the groove which can now be appreciated in its full potential.

We premiere ‘Fantasy’ today, check it out below and grab it here.


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