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KristoFurr brings the ‘Fire’ to NastyFunk


Next up on NastyFunk, the mysterious KristoFurr with a triple threat EP – Fire!

A great DJ drives a party. Carefully curated beats march an audience toward the pinnacle of an awesome night. Kristofurr is a DJ and Producer with an innate ability to get a crowd moving and keep them going until dawn.

Born in London, UK, but now based in Melbourne, Australia, there are echoes of both locations in Kristofurr’s output. There’s the brooding menace of London’s urban tech-house scene, sun-bleached and soaked in the alternative cool of Melbourne’s vibrant nightlife. It’s a potent cocktail and one that makes Kristofurr stand out from the crowd.

Joining up with LUCASMB for the title track, ‘Fire!’, is a banging slice of tech that will make your bedroom walls rattle! On ‘Mash It’ recognisable vocals get mutated into a peak time bongo bruiser.

To round out the EP is our premiere today. ‘Buss Down, makes bubbling acid the focus for an accomplished debut. Check it out below and grab it here.