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Korsakov Music set to drop 2nd Compilation


Korsakov Music are about to unleash the second part of their self-titled compilation series. Consisting of fifteen exclusive tracks it again highlights why they’ve become such a recognisable force across the drum & bass world. After releasing singles from both Teddy Killerz and anonymous producer Raiser, they are back with the full package and let me tell you…it’s an eargasmic selection of music! But, that’s what we’ve come to expect from the riotous events brand! They’ve expanded massively over the past two years, with the artists showcased on their album proving their authority, not just across their base in The Netherlands but further afield.

Teddy Killerz ‘BFG’ and Raiser’s ‘Uppercut’, are both raucous club tracks, and Korsakov Music continues with the same vibe throughout the album, especially with tracks like Smooth’s ‘Capacitator’. Subsequent to his debut LP on Korsakov Music, Droptek returns with the sounds of ‘Vexed’, channelling his expert production. Newcomer Madster offers the percussive, half time movements of ‘Blunderbuss’, whilst Blackley and Sublimit provide jump-up flavours throughout ‘Adapt or Die’. Historic outfit Cause4Concern then come through with the murderous undertones of ‘More Complex’. Sevilla based duo Dub Elements then drop the twisting ‘She Was a Robot’ which is followed in quick succession by Current Value’s destructive cut ‘END GAME’. Meanwhile, Russian stalwarts Gydra’s cutthroat style is clear throughout ‘Verse Tojin’, then James Marvel’s ‘Special K’ peddles gritty LFOs throughout its mix. Mean Teeth’s ‘Subtitles’ smashes through in the snapping, minimal style which they’re renowned for and they once again highlight how Korsakov Music have brought together influences from across the globe. Then the infamous project from Coppa and L33 ‘Lights Out’ presents brand-new record ‘Potent’, just as carefully honed as its predecessors with the same snarling musicality. A-Cray’s ‘Please’ brings yet more historic producers into the fray, then finally, Erb N Dub and Tony Anthem draw the album to a close with ‘Monsta Stomp’, featuring Coppa on vocals once more.

This is a colossal collection of music and it’s something which Korsakov Music have championed since the first part of their series. This time, however, they’ve reached new dizzying heights! If you’ve visited any of their club nights and experienced their enormous crowds, this has been clearly visible. Korsakov Music will be taking over EGG LDN on 20th December make sure you check out the event page here

Our premiere today is Erb N Dub and Tony Anthem ‘Monsta Stomp’ featuring Coppa. It’s an absolute face melter! Starting off hard and fast and not relenting until the very last, the bass is incredible!

Prepare to engage bass face before clicking below!


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