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Jon Rundell – Warped



Jon Rundell releases his new EP ‘Warped’ on Intec.

An artist who is deeply rooted within techno’s landscape, Rundell continues to advance his sound with each release, constantly experimenting and evolving whilst still maintaining the groove and swing that has been part of him since his discovery of music. That groove is a trademark of each cut he creates to draw you to the dancefloor.

The title track, which is our Debut Transmission today, is ‘Warped’ a peak-time perfection from its crescendo of hi-hats to its epic breakdown.  he says ‘With this EP I tried to represent different sides of techno to develop and evolve my style a bit more with each track,’ Jon says. Warped is a full-on heads down track that maintains some old school influence with its rave stab, and ‘Mind’ is more of a drum machine workout keeping the funk driving along with the melody. I’ve been having a lot of fun with them out there in the clubs and festivals and I hope you do too!

‘Warped’ will be released on Intec on 19th September.


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