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Grim Hellhound join Huski Records with 2 tracks


Huski Records is a drum & bass label based in Paris, France. They have already amassed a plethora of DJ support from the genre’s heavyweights. Now on its fourth release, with its music spun by the likes of
Noisia, Break, Calyx & Teebee, Doc Scott, Klute, Grooverider and Ant TC1, they ’ve ensured a place at the table for themselves. They’ve done this by welcoming a host of talent into their ranks, including names such as Russian trio Grim Hellhound.

Russia is renowned for playing its part in the expansion of drum & bass, creating their own hub for themselves inside their country. It’s here they’ve grown their own strains, including the intricate sounds of Grim Hellhound’s production. It proves the scope of Huski Records; despite only being in its infancy, the label has been able to tap into an international market and pull the very best upcoming talent which it has to offer. And through doing this, they’ve created a foundation for themselves within the drum & bass world. Their previous releases and their popularity have enabled this.

The first of the two tracks from Grim Hellhound, ‘Synthetic Sunrise ’ starts with ticking atmospherics and a wavering bassline that kicks into play during the progression into its first drop. ‘Synthetic Sunrise ’ is brooding and features a foreboding backdrop. Focusing heavily on its percussion, we’re taken out into the deep by its quaking sub-bass. The track ducks and dives between its every segment and before long we’re fully submerged by its weight. Meanwhile, on the flip, we’re introduced to our premiere ‘Paranoia’. This cut is just as creeping in its intensity, something which is a staple of the outfit’s production. Its impact comes with every bass stab and crumbling LFO, whilst its metallic drums shatter against the mix. This is the dark and brooding side of Huski Records and it makes a statement. And we’re told this is something which is set to continue with the imprint’s packed release schedule.

Check out our premiere of Grimm Hellhound ‘Paranoia’ below. The release drops on Huski Records on 20th July, you can grab it from here