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Friske set to release ‘A Different Perspective’ LP


Friske has been a respected member of the Metalheadz family for the past 7 years. Now the time has come for him to unleash his debut full-length album. Coming on 26th June in the shape of ‘A Different Perspective’, this is a carefully crafted representation of Friske’s journey to date.

Since breaking through, Friske, aka Sam Oliver, has consistently and habitually honed his skills whilst preserving an everpresent style. His style focuses on razor-sharp breaks and dark and foreboding moods. As well as this, he incorporates veins of influences from b-boyism and hip hop culture.

‘A Different Perspective’ is the product of 3 years of hard graft and diligent studio work and is without doubt Friske’s own take on Drum & Bass. This is an artist who has never been a follower of trends. Friske prefers to take inspiration, stimulation and motivation from outside of the genre, something reminiscent of early powerhouses such as Adam F and J Majik. This is an irrefutable factor in the culmination of a more alluring fusion of sounds which is where Friske really begins to hit his apex.

With a massive 16 uncompromising, high-calibre solo tracks to choose from, this album will further identify Friske as one of the most respected and distinctive underground producers in the years to come.

Choosing one out of 16 tracks to premiere has been an arduous task, they’re all brilliant in their own right. However, with a little help from a friend I chose to go with ‘The Love We Had’. It starts off with a melody that sounds really familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Layers upon layers of sounds and atmospherics ensue along with a haunting vocal intermittently coming through. This is a track that would have my eyes closed while I get lost in a rave. Amazing!

Check out Friske ‘The Love We Had’ below. Make sure you grab yourself a copy of ‘A Different Perspective’ from here