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Freqax drops his ‘Warbling’ EP on Pulsatil Records


Bucharest based Freqax is no stranger to the chaotic world of drum & bass; his music certainly reflects that fact and his ‘Warbling’ EP on Pulsatil Records is a return to form. With the help of Brusten, Freqax delivers ‘We’re On’ and ‘Warble’, two tracks which highlight his expertise.

Record label Pulsatil has identified itself as a key player in the changing direction of the drum & bass underground. Their forthcoming release is no different. Founded this year, it’s only in its infancy yet they’ve had Freqax driving the charge and are defining themselves within the contemporary market.

The first track on the double-sided single is our premiere ‘We’re On’. It doesn’t follow the generic dark drum & bass guidelines, instead, it reaches a more open soundscape that ticks into play with every percussive slab. ‘We’re On’ features slamming drum layers which highlight the track’s dancefloor vibes and despite it having a highly-complex technicality, it’s still given a bass-heavy kick amongst every switching relay of beats.

The flipside is the collaboration between Freqax and Brusten ‘Warble’. The main element which catches the listener’s attention is its jumping bassline, one which dips in and out of each sixteen bars.

Check out ‘We’re On’ below. Freqax’s ‘Warbling’ EP is due for release on 29th March you can pre-order here


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