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Exile announces his ‘Resurrection EP’



Exile. A name so far unheard of in the Jump Up Drum & Bass scene – but soon to be on the lips of every raver, promoter and label alike.

This guy has already carved out a successful career within the Dancefloor and Neuro scene and is now rolling with a brand new alias, Exile, and boy is he ready to show the world what tricks he has up his sleeve. Moving with a fresh energy, Exile is bringing Jump Up bangers, rollers, originality and a sound not heard of in the genre before.

Exile is fusing sounds from his impressive, and extremely varied musical background. Next up he releases his ‘Resurrection EP’ via On Point Audio, which we premiere ‘Harmless‘ featuring Godderz for your aural delights today.

Like it, you can grab a copy here

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