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Entita drops his ‘Callisto’ EP on Impact Music


French label Impact Music has risen amongst the ranks to set itself as one of the most notable independent imprints to come from their local scene. Led by MC Fly DJ, well known for his spaces online promoting brand new selections to his audiences, his A&R skill has enabled Impact to become a force to be reckoned with. They’ve brought an array of producers into the mix to help build the brand of Impact, something which has allowed newcomers and established names alike to have their take on its explosive sound. And for their next release they’ve called on Entita to bring the label into the next part of their catalogue.

In 2014 Entita released his first track ‘Other Side’ on quality Czech label Authentic Music. Te track received positive feedback and was featured on Friction‘s show on BBC Radio 1. More releases followed on Authentic Music and Dephrecords. Worth mentioning are ‘Can’t wait’ and ‘Caprice’ a collaboration with Trilo which also appeared on Noisia Radio. Last year, Entita joined the ‘Integrations Vol.1’ compilation on Xtrah’s CyberFunk label. His track ‘Paycheck’ gained huge support among top DJs and producers and it was once again featured on René LaVice’s BBC Radio 1 show.

With his new release, Entita draws on the slicked back, dark undercurrents which are prevalent throughout the Impact Music roster, but stamps this with his own mark. The Czech producer injects the vibes prevalent throughout the country’s capital, something which it is renowned for, and uses this to create tracks which take control of their listeners. He offers a three track EP on Impact Music and it will identify you with the euphoria of clubland which many ravers are itching to head back to.

The EP rolls out first with our premiere ‘Callisto’, starting its life with a more upbeat intro before falling into driving bass levels, slicing into the tracks low ranges, and drawing it into the depths. Next up are the levels presented by ‘Maneuvers’, which move you through the more driving parts of Entita’s production standard, zipping between its different layers throughout a bassline that pushes the track’s heavier elements. The EP closes with ‘Anubis’, this time with a focus on its drum breaks, giving the cut its added grooves and providing an insight into the funkier elements of Entita’s moniker.

Impact Music hits the mark again on this release; widening their scope of artists once more, they provide yet more pivotal parts for every DJs collection.

Check out ‘Callisto’ below, it lands on 1st June, be sure to grab a copy of the EP from here