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DLR drops heavyweight EP on Dispatch Dubplate



The beacons for Dispatch Dubplate are only lit on special occasions and this release is no exception to the rule; DLR is back, with his first solo release since the ‘Dreamland’ LP in 2016.

Between managing his label Sofa Sounds and working on the collaborative OneMind project with Mako, DLR has found the time to release an outstanding three-track EP on Dispatch. The EP showcases his distinctive blend of mischief with mayhem; the tracks are experimental and unexpected at every turn, but superbly suited to the dancefloor.

Bristol’s finest has kept these gems close to his chest for the past year, reserved mostly for his own and Ant TC1’s sets – and after a long wait, these locked away dubs are finally being released!

Our Premiere for you today is the first track on the EP, entitled ‘Looking in From The Outside’, check it out below!

DLR’s EP on Dispatch Dubplate will be available for download from the 14th September – listen to ‘Looking in From The Outside’ below:

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