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David Keno releases his ‘Resonate’ EP on Dirtybird


David Keno has always done his own thing, regardless of trends. It’s this mentality that makes the Swiss-born, Berlin-based artist a perfect fit for joining the DIRTYBIRD ranks.

After a 2015 debut on the label’s New Year Sampler, David Keno has finally made his way back over the California powerhouse for a full-on EP, ‘Resonate’. 

The record is a powerful addition to the DIRTYBIRD catalogue. Both its title opener and subsequent track, “Non Stop” lay the grooves on heavy via ear-catching synthesis and smooth basslines. Vocal samples skillfully placed throughout the EP add further encouragement to get moving.

That being said our premiere, “Resonate” with its wild note progressions and pronounced percussion, and the more stripped-down “Non Stop” ultimately stand on their own as distinctive and versatile crate weapons. 

We premiere ‘Resonate’ today for you, click here to grab a copy!


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