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CRSV and TS come together on ‘Under Siege’EP


CRSV and TS are rising stars of the German Drum & Bass community. They favour a more tech/neuro style but with enough funk to satisfy tastes at the Locked Up Music camp. The German duo have had releases on Differential and Subplate and recently played at the awesome C Recordings event in Chemnitz alongside Nymfo. CRSV and TS are set to stamp their sound firmly in 2020 and we are very excited to share their ‘Under Siege’ EP with you.

Opening up the EP is the title track ‘Under Siege’ which is a beast. The intro builds with filtered stabs and punchy drums ready to explode into a rolling break, deep bass and expertly produced mids that makes this track worthy of being the title track. Next up is ‘Conversation’ which has been tested out on rigs all over Europe, including London’s awesome Lightbox and its distinctive Reese guarantees to get any dancefloor moving. ‘Electrocute’ comes next and from a different angle which is something they are very passionate about at Locked Up. The drums drive the rhythm while intricate percussion and distorted bass noises move in and out to create a futuristic soundscape. Closing the EP is our premiere today, ‘Huntress’. This is a track that will appeal to all drum and bass lovers. It is drizzled in funk and makes a perfect end to a varied, well thought out EP.

CRSV x TS ‘Under Siege’ EP drops on Locked Up Music on Juno on 27th April and all other platforms on 4th May.

Check out ‘Huntress’ below and make sure you support everyone involved by grabbing a copy of the EP from here


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