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Controlled Opposition lands on Prototype Recordings


Controlled Opposition may or may not work for some of the Drum & Bass elite establishment that rule the scene with an iron fist, time will tell. We don’t actually have ANYTHING to tell you about Controlled Opposition other than he’s an established artist who wishes to keep his identity secret. We’ve seen a few of these monikers popping up in recent times and they really keep me guessing as to who they could be! Anyway, he is making his debut release on Grooverider‘s legendary Prototype Recordings on 3rd July with ‘Larry/Down The Well’

Anyone familiar with the history of Drum & Bass will know that Prototype Recordings is held in the highest regard as one of the defining labels of the genre.

Launched by Grooverider in 1993, it was responsible for a string of ground-breaking releases. The label dropped banger after banger, whilst maintaining next level production values, and it was this combination of dance floor accessibility and studio brilliance that earned Prototype its legendary status.

With a back catalogue featuring works from some of the greatest producers in the game, from Photek to Dillinja, from Ed Rush & Optical to Bad Company, no story of the development of Drum & Bass is complete without a nod to the massive influence of the Prototype label.

Back to this release, ‘Larry’ by Controlled Opposition has been in the Prototype vaults for around 5 years now and it’s finally getting a release because Groove just won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. It’s that grimey it makes your face screw so hard you will look like a bulldog chewing a wasp!

On the flip side is ‘Down The Well’ which is so hypnotic it leaves you drowning in a place you can’t climb out of. But don’t throw any coins into this wishing well because Controlled Opposition only accepts notes – preferably red ones.

‘Larry/Down The Well’ drops on 3rd July and we highly recommend you check it out below and bag yourself a copy when it land!