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Conrad Subs lands on Dub Plate Dread


Having revived his acclaimed Dread Recordings imprint Dub Plate Dread in June after seven years of dormancy, original Jungle Drum & Bass architect Ray Keith continues to prove the offshoot’s credentials with its fourth release.

After excelling with releases on Deep In The Jungle, Calypto Muzak and Soulvent earlier this year, fast-rising junglist and Ipswich native Conrad Subs steps up to make his Dread debut with the hefty, diverse eight-track EP ‘Pretty Dangerous’.

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The project commences with our premiere for today, the rowdy ‘All Day, All Night’. This gully number finds a patois-tinged vocal hook colliding with resonant sub-bass and blistering breaks. Next up is ‘Death of Me’, which begins in a comparatively atmospheric manner, with tender falsetto lyrics and delay-soaked pads leading into a boisterous drop adorned with echoing sirens. The ensuing weapon ‘Dub Assault’ is a feast for the ears, dominated by an onslaught of sheer bass-weight until the introduction of a snappy, more percussive melody around the song’s halfway mark wholly transforms its character. Meanwhile, the Breaking Bad-inspired ‘Heisenbass’ is an innovative number interspersed with serene ambient passages. At its snarling pinnacle, the track rapidly fluctuates between different breaks, deploying a vast array of rhythmic devices and filter sweeps to make for a refreshingly unpredictable listening experience.

Revolving around a shuffling groove, ‘Minotaur’ finds heavyweight drums, earthy bass stabs and airy plucks colliding before transforming into a grittier soundscape for its second drop. The EP’s title track and centrepiece ‘Pretty Dangerous’, a hotly anticipated dub previously teased by Ray on his Pyro Radio show, is an impish stepper marked by pulsating, staccato basslines. Penultimate offering ‘Screwface’ has a rather self-explanatory title: this intense, abrasive number will have fans contorting their faces in approval. The project reaches a cinematic conclusion with ‘Strike Me Down’, a slower, nostalgic number bringing together iconic breaks, rave stabs and coarse basslines. Seeing out Conrad’s exceptional label debut in style, this will leave no doubt that the Suffolk selecta is a star in the making.

Check out our premiere of ‘All Day, All Night’ below. Conrad Subs ‘Pretty Dangerous’ EP drops on Dub Plate Dread on 14th August, make sure you grab a copy!


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