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Coda & Coy drop single on Weapons Of Choice


Weapons of Choice Recordings aren’t afraid to make themselves heard within a congested industry and it’s their music which has helped them to do this. They already have a weighty discography and one which prides itself on collecting the type of no holds barred drum & bass music which has been a pivotal part of UK club culture for years. And this is set to continue with their forthcoming release, this time spearheaded by Coda & Coy. Whilst Coda has released on household names such as 31 Recordings, Charge, Grid, Flip Audio, Switch!, Natty Dub, Audio Danger, Smokescreen, Lockdown and Drum & Bass Arena, Coy also boasts releases on the likes of Natty Dub, Grid and 31 Recordings too. With such a high calibre of cuts behind them, it comes as no surprise that they have been given pride of place within the Weapons of Choice catalogue.

The first track featured on the single is our premiere ‘’91 Roller’, which harks back to the time where Coda & Coy were first introduced to the drum & bass world. It pays homage to their influences whilst bringing it through more contemporary production standards, offering an insight into their roots. ”91 Roller’ is the perfect addition to the Weapons of Choice collection and it proves the label’s ethos. That’s for drum & bass to stay true to its heritage whilst bringing fresh sounds to ravers across the world.

On the flip is ‘I Want You’, which continues the same vibe as its predecessor along with chiselled breaks and shaking brays of bass. Snipped up spoken word samples dip in and out of the mix, becoming more prominent as it rolls out. Once again Coda & Coy present their bringing together of the older and newer elements of drum & bass production, in a way that encapsulates what they stand for as a collaborative pair. And alongside Weapons of Choice Recordings, they prove to be a valuable asset for record collections, DJs and fans internationally.

Check out Coda & Coy ”91 Roller’ below. It drops on 14th July so make sure you bag yourself a copy from here


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