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Cal Jamma drops new music with vocalist Tara Louise


Illuminating vocals, crunching synths and a dynamic piano line are woven together to develop a track that has an enchanting energy. Drawing the listener in from the first note, Cal Jamma’s background in music composition is apparent as ‘From Here’ feat. Tara Louise builds. As the drums drive the energy upwards, the lyrics tell a very relevant story.

Every human on Earth deserves to be in their own unique light. If only everyone could see that the light comes from within. No external source of light can sustain us as powerfully as our own internal illumination. ‘From Here’ feat. Tara Louise reveals this secret so that all may live in their own truth and true essence. The track is Cal Jamma’s 9th release through imprint, The Headspace and Bass Movement.

Bringing together energy, music, fitness, adventure, nature, strength and connection, The Headspace and Bass Movement forges a path not seen anywhere else in the world. Accelerated by dance music and adventure, they travel the world searching for the most fundamental pillars to living on a natural high every day. Through their platforms on Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and their website, they share motivational videos and content to awaken the world.

Cal Jamma’s latest track with Tara Louise is an absolutely stunning piece of work. Filled with uplifting vocals it’s guaranteed to lift your mood and put a smile on your face.

Check out ‘From Here’ below. It drops on The Headspace and bass Movement on 14th August so make sure you grab a copy from here


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