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Cal Jamma drops ‘Can I Get A Hell Yeah!’


Cal Jamma (Calum Robertson) has over 20 years experience in the music industry as a solo pianist, composer and more recently as an electronic music producer. Whilst playing keys in live dance music acts, Cal has supported the likes of Jamiroquai, The Black Eyed Peas, Shapeshifter, Grooverider and DJ Shadow. When you combine a background in classical piano with a solid grounding in musical composition and a love of Drum & Bass, you know the result is going to be something different.

The Headspace and Bass Movement brings together two worlds to create one global movement. Picture this…a music festival, awe-inspiring, amazing high, the best time of your life. And then it ends. You are left craving your next experience outside the ordinary day to day reality.

What would you give to have that feeling back? To have it every day? The Headspace and Bass Movement exists to remind people of their power to create lives that they don’t want to escape from. They bring together music, fitness and adventure in celebration of nature, strength and connection.

Their secret weapon is the use of music (specifically Drum & Bass) to help people switch off their thinking/logical mind. The benefit of this is a more creative and imaginative sense of being, where there are no limits.

Why Drum & Bass? Well, research has shown that the use of rhythmic drumming facilitates a transcendent state beyond the ordinary day to day reality. And, because they are all about ENERGY, you cannot beat the vibes of Drum & Bass to take you on a musical journey – just ask any festival goer.

Cal Jamma’s new release ‘Can I Get A Hell Yeah!’ is his 8th with The Headspace and Bass Movement imprint.

From boom to bust, it doesn’t matter when you have a ‘Hell Yeah’ attitude. With a gritty horn section, slamming drums and razor sharp flutes, ‘Can I Get A Hell Yeah!’ is teeming with a neo soul vibe.

Cal says this track is “Dedicated to all who are chasing their inner fire. It is in the trenches of life that the real living happens”.

Check out Cal Jamma ‘Can I Get A Hell Yeah!’ below and grab the single from here!


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