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Caim drops ‘Hold My Breath’ on Live History Records


Next up for release on Live History Records is the new track from Caim ‘Hold My Breath’. Caim is a talented producer from Saint Petersburg known for his release last year ‘Stay Bright / What You Need’. He has had a keen interest in music since early childhood. His first musical passion was for alternative rock bands like Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Korn. In 2003 he fell in love with Drum & Bass after hearing ‘Original Nuttah’ for the first time. He has a unique method for writing music, which works well for him, preferring to make tracks from scratch, each time he tries new approaches to working with different sounds.

This time, inspired by his favourite producer SpectraSoul, Caim has delivered an extremely emotional track. Using a measured rhythm section in bass there is a modernized old hip-hop break that sounds like present-day Drum & Bass – it supports groove and stresses dynamic. And yes, Caim is a producer who has his own special creativity towards drums-making! Filled with metamorphoses, the track’s vibe tightly keeps us hooked with no intention of letting go. It’s remarkable that Caim has done a great job on vocals again. In the breakdown, the track can be seen from another angle, demonstrating the old school vibes passages. In the second part, the track unfolds completely, luring us in with its sublime electronic riffs. And that’s not all! The original mix is supported with a viable and swift remix with strict sound from Chillhomers, there is also a forceful remix with bitter mid-bass by the mastodon of Russian Drum & Bass, Krot.

‘Hold My Breath’ is out via Live History Records on 1st May as a Beatport exclusive and all other platforms on 15th May.

Today we premiere the original mix of ‘Hold My Breath’, check it out below and grab a copy from here


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