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Bryan Gee presents ‘Future’ album


Bryan Gee, widely known as one of the most influential selectors and A&R men in the business, has taken his time to compile and curate something that’s more than just another album. This is Bryan’s personal vision of what’s to come, not only for the V brand, but for Drum & Bass music as a whole.

From ‘V Classic’ to ‘Planet V’ and beyond, the V Recordings camp have been leaders of the scene in creating era-defining, spirit-capturing compilations. And, following on from the retrospective ‘Foundation’ project, it’s now time for another chapter in the story – ‘Future’.

Never swayed by fashions, fads and sub-genre divisions, Bryan and Jumpin Jack Frost‘s family of labels have been a benchmark for quality from time immemorial. So, when they call this album ‘Future’, that comes with authority.

For V Recordings, the future is as much about building on what’s come before as it is about brand new innovations. So, we see contemporary masters like Benny L, Voltage and L-Side pay homage to the classics with remixes of Roni Size, Ray Keith, Krust and Dillinja. Artificial Intelligence go back in on their anthem ‘Uprising’ to give it a cutting-edge reconfiguration, and Dr Meaker‘s ‘Fighter’ gets the S.P.Y treatment.

Then there are the 2020 visions of artists from across the spectrum of Drum & Bass music. The likes of Alibi, Paul T & Edward Oberon, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, DJ Marky & Dirtbag, Bladerunner, Zero T, Command Strange, Carlito & Addiction, Jonny L and Need for Mirrors deliver darkness and light, savagery and euphoria, musicality and hype in equal measure. And that’s just scratching the surface.

The future that this album sets out before us is one where pigeon-holes and categories are unimportant. Certified legends rub shoulders with breakthrough artists. Heavyweight dance floor bangers co-exist with soulfully melodic flavours. This music is unified, not by style or by marketability, but purely by the vibe. If that’s what a V Recordings future looks like, we can relax. The scene is in safe hands.

Today we premiere Drumsound & Bassline Smith ‘All Crews’ which instantly puts a smile across my face, it’s really bouncey and fun drum and bass music with nods to the old skool and the infamous history book ‘All Crews’.

Check it out below and make sure you grab a copy of this brilliant album when it drops on 27th March. Pre-order it from here

Quick Q&A with Bryan Gee

What’s your personal favourite track on the album?

Ah that’s not fair and very difficult as there’s pure fire right the way through although I do have a soft spot for ‘Not Necessarily A Man’, ’30 Hz’, ‘Take me back’ and ‘The Moment’

What’s the best gig you’ve played recently before the lockdown?

My last gig was last week at Cheeky Monday in Amsterdam at the Melkweg and I played for over 2 hours which I love and even when I got back to my hotel room I thought “boy you smashed it proper tonight” so that was a good feeling but my fave party rave over last 6 months would have to pick RTRNIIJUNGLE at the Drumsheds with MC GQ, we tore the place down and really enjoyed it! (Ed – I can vouch for this, was an incredible set!!)

What was the first gig you ever played?

That would have been a reggae party in the early 80’s when I use to run a sound system in my home town of Gloucester. We had some big moments repointing and defending the town when other designs systems came to clash like frontline Fatman sound small axe Coxsone from London, V Rocket from Nottingham, Enforcer from Derby, Quaker City and Mafia Tone from Birmingham and Sabastion Enterprise and Loco from Bristol so we buried and some buried us but those days are what made me the DJ I am today.

What are you doing to pass the time during the lockdown?

My record collection has been a mess since I had records, there as never been any order to it. You’ll find Roy Ayres next to Clipz next to Big Daddy Kane next to the Gypsy King’s so I’ve started the mission of sorting them out, so all my V, Philly Blunt, Chronic and Liquid V in one place then I got Full Cycle, Dope Dragon, Reprezent and all that Bristol stuff in order, then all the old jungle together at the moment I’m sorting classics and anthems etc then ball MY hip hop and Reggae in order then it’s the old skool funk which is still my biggest collection as some of them albums are still rare and very special to me and getting great memory’s seeing them and listening to them again then when I’m done. It’s the dats which will be much harder as lots of them ain’t got no names so gonna have to listen to them all and mark them up but excited to find some forgotten and lost gems along the way!

What old skool tracks never leave your record bag/USB?

I usually have a folder on my usb with old skool classics like the early stuff on V and Dope Dragon etc can’t go wrong there always get you out of jail

What is your favourite dancefloor in the UK? (Past or Present)

Simple Movement at Bar Rumba we did it for 15 years every Thursday night where DJs, Agents, MCs, Producers, students, Rude boys, Posh kids tourist City workers, celebrity’s, Porn stars and Sportspeople. You name it they were all there rocking side by side legendary night!

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

Just wanna say first of all hope you’re all keeping safe in these mad times and following what we need to do to overcome this madness so we can go out again to the clubs and dance to this great music we love to be together again and enjoying and maybe and hopefully appreciating all the things we have and do in the future and hope you enjoy the future album I put a lot of time into curating and putting together what I think is a real great compilation. Thanks DT!


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