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Brusten & DYL drop ‘Per Ardua I’ EP

Brusten DYL


Taking its name from the Latin for “through endeavour”, ‘Per Ardua’ is the latest venture from Context Audio; a release series that’s focused on D&B’s path less trodden.  Exploring unique sonic soundscapes and experiences, it is a highly curated concept aimed at looking a bit further than the dancefloor.

The first in the series and our Debut Transmission today is a single that draws from an international pool of talent.  The A-side, ‘Stuck On You’, features the prodigious talents of Romania’s Brusten and his brother in arms and fellow Romanian DYL.  Both  notable artists in their own right, the two have worked together here to deliver a track that’s as dark as a moonless night but still has the motive force of a falling star. Arch and unstoppable, it’s a veritable weapon.

‘Per Ardua I’ is available NOW on Beatcamp, and will be available worldwide from 27th September, check out ‘Stuck On You’ below and grab your copy here: https://store.contextaudio.com/album/per-ardua-i

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