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BNDT72 drop ‘Lost’ EP on Beat Machine Records


BNDT72 is a French duo formed by Broady and Adios. Both passionate about electronic music from a very young age, they have explored its potential through their able use of technology and also their innate sense of ‘creating hyperkinetic syncopated beats to restlessly dance to’.

Their strong musical synergy draws on the most disparate influences that trace back to the Chicago footwork scene via UK Bass, Jungle and Acid Jazz. In 2016 they started producing several tracks that eventually get released on solid labels such as Sequel One, Samsara Beats and the EP ‘Close 2 U’ featuring BNS Posse and Nikitch.

Broady and Adios are also recognised as skilful DJs who have recently appeared on various platforms such as Rinse France, NTS Radio and Radar Radio showcasing their ability to cross over styles and genres. Some of their work has been selected and played by artists like TMSV, A. Fruit, Sun People, Breaka and Anna Morgan.

Now is the time for BNDT72 to drop a new EP on Beat Machine Records. The EP which is entitled ‘Lost’ is a chameleon of work which sparks with intriguing sounds from start to end. It’s really clever work and definitely shows off their ability to make new and interesting sounds and music.

Today we premiere ‘Gyal Dem’ which ticks all the boxes for me, plenty of those jungle drums reminisce of the nineties vibe, breaks, bass and acid jazz.

Check out ‘Gyal Dem’ below. The ‘Lost’ EP is released on 28th May on Beat Machine Records so make sure you grab a copy from here


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