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Blackout Music set to drop Pt.1 of ‘Lifecycle’ VA series


Next up on Blackout Music is the first part of their project ‘Lifecycle’ which showcases the ever-evolving sound of drum & bass. Featuring established artists who’ve lived the full cycle once or twice already and fresh young talent at the start of theirs.

Part 1, ‘Creation’, features Audio, Black Sun Empire, Misanthrop, IMANU, Current Value and Gridlok. Opening up the EP is Audio’s ‘Marauder’ as it launches you into space, where the first part of its drop takes control of your body and then propells it into deep space with the 2nd part.

Our premiere ‘Parallels’ is the perfect combination of Black Sun Empire’s many years of experience and IMANU’s fresh take on drum & bass. Mesmerizing melodies and atmospheres lift you up towards its withering drop.

Misanthrop gives Gridlok’s ‘Germ’ the proper remix treatment, making it roll even more, and to close it off in thematic style ‘Overturn’ shows Current Value’s rebirth in the lifecycle.

With parts 2 and 3 coming later this year, Lifecycle is bound to make you rethink the current state of drum & bass and its evolvement.

The first part of ‘Lifecycle’ drops on Blackout Music on 23rd March. Check out Black Sun Empire & IMANU ‘Parallels’ below and grab the EP here


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