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Billain is set to release ‘Nomad’s Revenge’


Billain is an artist from Sarajevo who represents where the visual and sonic worlds collide. This is obvious through his forthcoming LP ‘Nomad’s Revenge’. It’s not just a collection of tracks more a soundtrack for the world he inhabits. His music has crossed borders. Releasing on labels such as Critical Music, Invisible, Eatbrain and Bad Taste, he’s a force in electronic music. However, ‘Nomad’s Revenge’ takes things a step further. With tracks over ten minutes long, it even features characters and plots. This is an immersive experience.

Featuring collaborations with the groundbreaking actor MJ Noble, Foreign Beggar’s Orifice Vulgatron, heavyweight producer Vorso and nine visual artists in the animation and illustration fields, there’s a massive team behind this project. ‘Nomad’s Revenge’ presents the first of seven albums ‘The Opus 7 Book 1’ or ‘0453363’ (a classically Billain riddle). All are connected as previous releases and covering a non-linear narrative concept of the universe, written as sci-fi scripts. However, it doesn’t stop there – Billain is about to surprise fans with something huge to run alongside the release.

Such a forward-thinking LP doesn’t come without its struggles. The producer explains how this album signifies his ‘first personal move towards a bigger success picture‘ whilst ‘the sacrifices made for the album can be seen every day in this industry when it comes to making new grounds, with the intent to break rules and demands of release formats‘. And that’s exactly why Renraku broke the mould – providing a base for Billain to fully express his creativity.

So, now it’s time to submerge yourself in the world of ‘Nomad’s Revenge’, an album unlike anything that’s been offered within the biosphere of drum & bass. It’s out on Renraku Global Media on 12th July. To give you a glimpse we premiere the second track from the LP ‘Bilocation’. You have to listen to this, the production is on a different level! Grab a copy here