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Debut Transmission Spotlight Mix

Benjamin Buttons joins the Spotlight Mix Series



Benjamin Buttons is a 24 year old DJ from London with Releases on Marshall Jefferson’s Freakin303 Label, The Little Festival Records, Love Not Money Records, Daylight Robbery Records, LW Recordings and Maintain Replay.

He has grown up surrounded by House music & Disco & has been heavily influenced by his parents who were very much involved in London’s early clubbing scene which saw the rise of acid house music & the euphoric explosion of unlicensed parties & illegal raves in Britain. His sound often resembles elements of the early to mid 1980s & 90s soul & funk infused dance music style of disco, with a prominent kick/bass drum on every beat, Combined with a mixture of futuristiic rolling dark & melodic Tech house beats. His Fascination with House Music has lead to him achieving many things.

It is a rarity to hear Buttons play a track on more than one occasion, spending most of his free time digging deep to find new artists & labels to constantly expand his music knowledge. His priority, to take people on a spiritual journey through his exhilarating livesets, Mixing & manipulating records in such a way that creates atmosphere as they blend together to create an energy fuelled mix, that tells a story & creates a journey for his audience.

To Benjamin it is not just about playing music, its about feeling the music & understanding how a perfectly executed continuous mix of tracks can maintain a spiritual energy which in some cases, is unexplainable.

Downside – AE35 (Original Mix)
Cable, Anturage – Pigment (Original Mix)
DJ Dextro – Circle Of Life (Original Mix)
Quentin Van Honk – Apollo (Original Mix)
Hanne & Lore – Samba Oleg (The Glitz Remix)
Erik Christiansen, David Museen – I Want Candy (Original Mix)
Ricky Paes – Mira (Original Mix)
Tizatto – Blues Man (Original Mix)
Solo, Am Cla – About This (Original Mix)
Arno Stolz – Bass To Mouth (Original Mix)
Pegoland – Hamya (Original Mix)
Chris Main – Labbass (Original Mix)
Eddy M – Working on it (Original Mix)
Aaron H-Smith – Requiem (Atove Remix)
Frag Maddin – Purple View (Original Mix)

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