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Beats In Mind release part 2 of the Headsbass series


Beats In Mind presents ‘Headsbass’ a concept acting as a record label and vessel to support DJ’s, clubbers and dance music lovers struggling with all forms of mental health-related issues and concerns. Mental health issues are rife in our generation, with all kinds of pressures, we are seeing people suffer more and more.

Beats In Mind is the brainchild of pyxis, a drum n bass producer and publisher who has been actively moving around the scene since the late 1990s. Having been a sidekick to hundreds of Drum & Bass producers for around 20yrs, as a heavily loaded, royalty collecting weapon of great force, now the truly inspiring pyxis has finally begun to hit the synths herself.

No stranger to the effects of mental health issues herself, after being triggered by a small group and one-to-one conversations, pyxis hasn’t been able to go clubbing or meet with clients, and more importantly attend a simple parents evening. Even going to the supermarket literally reduces her to blackout type symptoms, panic breathing and intense fear.

“I’ve suffered with mental health in the form of severe social anxiety since 2003. It’s stopped me from really living my life to the full. I keep seeing more and more people in my community suffer and struggle with all kinds of depression, anxiety, bipolar, anger, suicide attempts, feelings of not being good enough, lack of self worth… and I wanted to try and do something. Knowing how music is a real medicine for me, and so many around me, I thought of Beats In Mind, not only as a record label to be able to release charity albums and singles but also as a movement, a community, somewhere people could vibe off each other, share positivity and just be able to get shit off their chest”. – pyxis

Beats In Mind release its first album this Spring, the first in the album series entitled ‘Headsbass’ is an all drum & bass line up and will be available on all streaming and download platforms. Featuring a cross-section of contributors such as HLZ, Trex, Chris.Su, Facing Jinx and many more, future volumes are already in full force and no signs of stopping this year. All producers are welcome to get involved, so please hit them up (or DT and we will put you in touch) if you’re interested in submitting a track.

With the first part of the series having been released a couple of weeks ago it’s now time for part 2 which features 2 tracks, one from pyxis called ‘Phoenix’ and the other is ‘Dissonance’ by Winslow. Today, we premiere ‘Phoenix’ by the brains behind the concept, pyxis. ‘Phoenix’ begins really softly before the jungle drums kick in and liquid vibes take you on a journey. This would be the perfect soundtrack to practice some yoga to or go for a nice walk and clear your head.

Check out pyxis ‘Phoenix’ below. Part 2 of ‘Headsbass’ drops this Friday 10th April so please, please support this amazing idea by buying a copy from here. All proceeds from sales will go to mental health charities and merchandise that will generate more funds, raise more awareness and create a large community of support, awareness and healing for everyone involved.


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