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Bastian Bux – Riot



Timing is everything… As the world seems to be spinning backwards, Bastian Bux sums up our shared sentiment of injustice with two diplomatic dancefloor demonstrations: ‘Protest’ and our Debut Transmission today ‘Riot’. The mysterious elrow resident’s MOOD debut, wherever you are in the world, these two Bastian Bux tracks couldn’t have landed at a more poignant time. And while their titles resonate with meaning, their rolling techno sounds sooth with physical healing.

Instantly smacking of his now legendary elrow sets where he weaves majestically between house and techno, both cuts are laden with a production warmth that will appeal to anyone on the house/tech axis. ‘Riot’ takes a more subversive tact with deeper low-end fluctuations as the subs wrap tightly around the kicks, big metallic percussive hits provide the melody and iced out pads ripple through the mix with euphoria.


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