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Athos debuts on Under No Illusion with ‘Substances’ EP


Athos is part of a new generation of artists, combing sharp production skills and outstanding djing.

The upcoming producer has already set the bar high through his first EP “Substances” signed on the mighty Under No Illusion recordings, establishing his name as a rising artist on the tech-house scene. Based in Athens, he as a very active member of the local rave community, well aware of the ups-and-downs on a city’s music scene. There’s no doubt that you should keep an eye on that guy.

Athos debut’s on Under No Illusion with four outstanding peak time grooves including ‘Substances’, ‘Space Time’, ‘The Plan’ and ‘Naughty Girls’. On the EP is ‘Space Time’ and again Athos hits the main room vibe perfectly this time with a slightly more twisted edge to the baseline lead but adding warped acid tones and elongated rises to the analogue bass. ‘The Plan’ and here we have some greek goodness in the shape of a driving tech-house groover that drops all the right ingredients over a female rap vocal and hard analogue synth effects. ‘Naughty Girls’ a driving jam with chopped up vocal drops and heavy synth hits that elongate the vibe perfectly for the head-nodding society.

The opening track ‘Substances’ is our premiere today. A steadfast peak time player with a burning baseline lead and warped out FX all layered over a head infecting vocal and skippy kick drums.

Check out ‘Substances’ here on Data Transmission today, check it out and grab it here.