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Arzenic to release ‘Get Enough’ on Candy Flip


Jean Pierre Cabrejo Reyes aka Arzenic is a 19 years old House/Techhouse DJ & Producer. His next release ‘Get Enough’ EP is coming on the Candy Flip label.

Candy Flip, a division of Braslive Entertainment who is a publisher of music and management consultant of upcoming and well-established artists, was established in 2015 as a platform to push and emerge new artists to showcase and feature their music. The label focuses on the exposure of a wide range of genres including deep house, nu-disco, indie dance, tropical house and future bass in a matter of depicting its diversity and musical background.

We premiere “Get Enough” for you today. On the track, Arzenic shows the different moods one can find in a party and the radical changes that can be felt. Both tracks bring sudden strong changes in energy without previous notice, routing you from a quiet space to total frenzy. The mix of synthesizers, percussion and bumpy basslines fuel a friendly trip from tranquillity to total euphoria in a matter of seconds.

Check out ‘Get Enough’ below and grab it here.