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Ankit Uppal releases his ‘Beauty and the Beast’ EP


Ampispazi records goes inter-continental.

Their ability to spot undiscovered artists proves itself once again, and this January as they bring to light India’s own Ankit Uppal’s debut release with his ‘Beauty and The Beast’ EP.

The Mumbai-based producer (so far under many’s radars) presents himself with a 3 tracker, ‘Beauty and The Beast EP’. His sound mixes Techno with deeper melodies, in perfect line with Ampispazi’s unique sound.

The EP opens with the dance-floor filler Beauty’s 6am rendition of the title track: a powerful bassline guides the cut alongside a relentless 4 to the floor groove and a truly Berlin-style synth melodic line.

Hands in the air! The EP closes with our premiere ‘Few Words’, a much more experimental and Techno track: really dark percussions drive the groove, while beautifully crafted synths’ melodies come and go, surprising the listener and keeping the dance floor dancing. Music crosses boundaries and Ampispazi knows this well. 

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